Do you want to sell your electronic equipment in the German market?

Environmentally friendly distribution and professional disposal of electrical appliances in Germany complying with legal regulations

With Deutsche Recycling Service GmbH at your side!

Internationally, the sale and disposal of electrical appliances is regulated by the WEEE guideline and then adopted through country-specific regulations at national level, which in the case of Germany are quite strict. Here, the WEEE guideline has been implemented by the so called ElektroGesetz- the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act. The competent authority for the registration of the WEEE number is the so-called stiftung ear.

As an international manufacturer or distributor exporting electrical devices to Germany, you are also obliged to get registered with stiftung ear and to apply for a respective WEEE-number.

However, you can only register with stiftung ear if you have an establishment or branch office within Germany. Alternatively, you can authorise an agent, such as Deutsche Recycling, which is licensed as an approved as legal representative by stiftung ear.

If you fail to fulfill your duty of registration with stiftung ear, you get a warning letter for having violated the competition letter, or- in the worst case- you even receive a financial penalty by law enforcement (up to 100.000 €).

But don’t worry!

Deutsche Recycling GmbH is specialized in the environmentally friendly distribution of electrical appliances complying with legal regulations: We not only will help you with the registration process at stiftung ear and the application for the WEEE-number, we also appear as legal representative (in line with §8 ElektroG).

Our services


  • Assumption of all tasks and duties necessary fort he registration/ update or takeover of an existing registration with stiftung ear
  • Main contact person and legal representative before stiftung ear
  • Reporting of quantites annually and intra-annually


  • Provision of an insolvency-proof guarantee

Logistics/ recycling

  • Provision of containers
  • Takeover of the disposal of your electrical devices at the municipal collection points
  • Proper treatment and disposal of the appliances in accordance with the WEEE guideline and the ElektroG
  • Professional recycling, no return
  • Pick-up of he containers in accordance with the EAR coordination
  • Recycling certifications

„All-Inclusive care-free“- package

On request we offer you a special all-inclusive package inluding the provision of insolvency-proof guarantees, the takeover of the complete correspondence with stiftung ear as well as the reporting of all your relevant quantities and a review of your bills.

If this offer sounds good to you don’t hestitate to contact us!