We take care of registration, reporting, disposal and take-back in accordance with the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG)

Ansammlung von Elektrogeräten/Altgeräten

In Germany the sale and disposal of electrical appliances underly very strict requirements: The general WEEE guideline has been adopted through the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroGesetz) and is carried out by the so-called stiftung ear. According to law, all electrical appliance manufacturer or distributor are obliged to get registrated with stiftung ear and to get a respective WEEE-number. Those who do not attend their duty of registration, run the risk of receiving a warning letter for violating competition law or even a financial penalty by law enforcement (up to 100.000 €).

Don’t let it go so far- We’ll take care of it

Deutsche Recycling GmbH is the competent partner at your side when it comes to the environmentally friendly distribution of electrical appliances complying with legal regulations

Our services

As approved return and guarantee system, we we will deal with your registration with stiftung ear as well as the application for a WEEE-number. Furthermore Deutsche Recycling appears as a legal representative (in accordance with §8 ElektroG).

  • Assumption of all tasks and duties necessary for the registration/ update or takeover of an existing registration with stiftung ear
  • Main contact person and legal representative before stiftung ear
  • Reporting of quantites annually and intra-annually


Logistics/ recycling

  • Provision of containers
  • Takeover of the disposal of your electrical devices at the municipal collection points
  • Proper treatment and disposal of the appliances in accordance with the WEEE guideline and the ElektroG
  • Professional recycling, no return
  • Pick-up of he containers in accordance with the EAR coordination
  • Recycling certifications

Under www.garantie-elektrogesetz.de you can apply for your insolvency-proof guarantee in just a few steps.

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