REACH Directive: Use and restriction of chemical substances in products

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REACH is an EU regulation on the handling of chemicals in articles. In specific terms, this is Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006. The core of this regulation is the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of various chemicals and its scope of application affects manufacturers, distributors and importers in all EU member states.

As an EU regulation, REACH is binding for all EU countries and thus contributes to harmonising the legal requirements on the handling of chemicals.
If electrical and electronic equipment containing chemicals or corresponding to the term “article” in the Chemicals Act is placed on the market, distributors, manufacturers and importers are obliged to ensure compliance with REACH or the Chemicals Act and thus ensure that the chemicals they distribute or use are used safely.

If you manufacture your products outside the EU, you can appoint an ‘only representative’ in accordance with Article 8 of Reach, who assumes all of the Reach obligations. Deutsche Recycling provides you with professional and comprehensive support here. In addition, we also take care of the necessary registration, from the development, implementation and submission of the registration documents including pre-registration to notification and communication to the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency).

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At the same time, it should also be checked whether registration in accordance with the WEEE Directive and/or an insolvency-proof guarantee are necessary. Deutsche Recycling is the partner by your side. Just get in touch with us!


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Background information about REACH: Obligations & useful information


REACH Directive: An overview
REACH and electrical and electronic equipment
REACH international: Scope of application and regulations in other countries


REACH Directive: An overview

REACH (abbreviation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) was issued with the view that the responsibility for the chemicals concerned lies with those who have contact with them. This concerns manufacturers and importers as well as downstream users. The regulation, which came into force in 2007, is intended to protect the environment and human health while also allowing the free movement of chemicals within the European Single Market. All parties must ensure that the chemicals they distribute or use are used safely. REACH is one of the world’s most stringent requirements for the handling of chemicals. In Germany, REACH is transposed into German law by ChemG (German Chemicals Act).

REACH and electrical and electronic equipment

As a seller, distributor or importer of electronic products in Germany, you are primarily subject to ElektroG (German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act). This law represents the national implementation of the EU WEEE Directive. When selling or placing electronic products on the market, however, other regulations and laws, such as REACH and RoHS, may also be mandatory. The requirements contained here concern, for example, product safety and the use of hazardous substances. Electrical or electronic products under the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act can, in turn, be affected by REACH if they contain chemicals.
In the context of electrical and electronic equipment, the term “article” is particularly decisive for manufacturers, distributors and importers, with this defined as “an object which during production is given a special shape, surface or design which determines its function to a greater degree than does its chemical composition” .

For their products to be fully compliant, they must fulfil a greater number of directives and requirements. As a manufacturer, you are responsible for checking with which of these laws and guidelines your products must comply. These products may only be placed on the market and put into operation if they comply with legal obligations.

REACH international: Scope of application and regulations in other countries

REACH is an EU-wide, international regulation that applies in all member states, where it is translated into national law. All manufacturers, distributors and importers of chemicals or corresponding articles are subject to this regulation.

Comparable regulations can also be found outside the EU. In Switzerland, the handling of chemicals is regulated by ChemRRV (Swiss Ordinance on Chemical Risk Reduction). In Asia, China and South Korea have respectively issued the China RoHS and Korea RoHS regulations, which regulate certain substances and provide for certification, information and labelling obligations.
Similar and equally far-reaching chemicals legislation also exists in Canada and the USA (Toxic Substances Control Act/TSCA). Particular attention should be paid to California, where Proposition 65 applies.

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