We make sure that you comply with your extended producer responsibility

As a manufacturer, distributor or importer, you may be subject to certain obligations concerning manufacturer or producer responsibility. This goes hand in hand with the responsibility for the disposal and recycling of the products concerned.

The three main areas of extended producer responsibility comprise the WEEE Directive, Packaging Directive and Battery Directive. This raises the question for companies: What legal obligations do I actually have?

Do you need support to meet your obligations or would you like to hand them over?
Use our service for 100% liability, 100% cost-effectiveness and 100% legal compliance.

We take care of registration with legal authorities and coordinate contractual agreements, administrative reporting and financial validation.

With Deutsche Recycling, you are always informed about the latest legislation and new developments in laws and regulations, and are guaranteed to have legally compliant product labels as well as current, plausible and correct documents for national and international trade.


Compliance with all legal regulations, whether they be laws on the handling of old electrical and electronic equipment, sales packaging, transport packaging or batteries, changes continuously. Keeping a constant overview here and deriving your own necessary measures in order to always be on the safe side legally and to avoid threatening warnings can become a Herculean task.

So take the Compliance Check!

We check whether legal requirements have changed for you, processes need to be adapted and costs can be optimised