Licensing, return, recycling and disposal of packaging in accordance with the packaging regulations. We know the requirements in any country.

Correct disposal of sale and transportation packaging (tertiary packaging)

We offer you sophisticated, legally compliant and cost-efficient solution to put packaging into circulation. Deutsche Recycling is specialized in the sophisticated, legally compliant and cost-efficient distribution of packaging!

The term packaging refers to any reusable materials that are collected, sorted and recycled (e.g. cartons). Within the European Union packaging and the disposal of packaging materials are regulated by the directive 94/62/EG. This EU regulation includes, among others, the so-called „extended producer responsibility“.

But far beyond the EU there are similar laws, for example in Macedonia, Belarus as well als Israel, Brasil and some Asian countries like China and Japan. Deutsche Recycling is your best partner when it comes to the proper registering, reporting and disposing of sales and transport packaging.

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Sales Packaging

Now matter if it’s yoghurt cups, tin cans, plastic bottles, disposable plates, bread roll or shopping bags: Any kind of packaging used by the final consumer is considered as sales packaging.

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Transport packaging (Tertiary packaging)

In accordance with accordance with §4 VerpackV (packaging regulation), manufacturers and distributors, including online traders, are responsible for the recycling of any transport packaging put into circulation.

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International Packaging licensing

At EU level the Europaen Packaging Waste Directive 94/62/EC) regulates the use of packaging placed in circulation. Though, return and recycling regulations vary greatling among specific countries.

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