Easy and efficient disposal of batteries?

We show you what the bear in mind when disposing old (rechargeable) batteries- in Germany, Europa and worldwide

Ansammlung von Batterien und Akkumulatoren

Battery disposal made easy: Recycling instead of throwing away

Based on the European battery ordinance (2006/66/EC) in combination with another EU directive (2009/603/EG) as well as international regulations, only within the EU there are 28 different national battery laws regulating the recycling and proper return of old batteries. To comply with the respective regulations, international manufacturers and distributors of batteries and accumulators have to meet certain national requirements.

We keep track of all the country-specific ways of registration and battery disposal and know by experience which take back systems function reliably and are thus worth to invest in. We optimize and your costs and administrative expenses under the international battery regulation and the EU battery directive at your advantage.

Our services

Full-Service „battery disposal“*
  • Choosing the right take back/recycling system for (rechargeable) batteries
  • Cost-optimized solutions
  • Registration
  • Notifications of quantities
  • Global expertise

*  all services can also be booked separately

Your benefits

  • Economically efficient solutions due to customized optimization
  • Reduction oft he time-consuming training of your own employees
  • Actions conforming with the law help you to avoid penalties and fines
  • Legal Monitoring guarantees the successful adjustment to current changes in the batteries act
  • Global expertise oft he country-specific requirements relating the the disposal of batteries

We are happy to take over all your operative tasks and duties relating tot he recycling of old batteries and accumulators. Worldwide. You save time and money.

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Manager WEEE

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Matthias Mörs

Project Manager

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Niclas Hellen

Sales Manager

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